Watsons Athletic Club (WAC) is a member of A.S. Watson Group. To reciprocate the public's trust, A.S. Watson Group is committed to sponsoring and supporting local athletic events, contributing to young athletes' growth and development actively. In order to promote Hong Kong’s track and field events in an organised manner, A.S. Watson Group founded the Watsons Athletic Club in 1989, which is currently a member of the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association as well as the Community Sports Club of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Its objectives are to promote the well-being of local youth through participation in sports, especially in track and field; to uplift the standard of Hong Kong athletes through local and overseas training programmes; and to help nurture local athletic talents in pursuit of sporting excellence.

WAC now has around 1050 members, consisting of more than 55% of youth athletes. The Club initiated Watsons Junior Elite Training Programme in 2001 and has successfully nurtured more than 600 outperforming junior athletes since then. The Club organises track and field training programmes for primary and secondary school students during July and August every year, which is one of the largest and most prestigious summer athletic programs in Hong Kong and has always been well received by schools and parents. The Club also organise Athletic Demonstration Programmes at school, where elite athletes will be invited to demonstrate proper postures for different events and share their experiences with our youngsters during school sports day. WAC places great emphasis on the all-round development of members by holding regular meeting their parents and keeping track on their academic performance and conduct in school. The Club also regularly organises seminars to provide professional advises on secondary education promotion and assistance on schools recommendations. The support from the community and education institutes allows WAC member further develop their potentials in an ideal learning environment.

Since its establishment, WAC has successfully nurtured a number of brilliant athletic stars including LAI Chun-ho, NG Ka-fung, TANG Yik-chun, 4x100m relay Gold medalists of 20th Asian Athletics Championships; CHEUNG Wang-fung, Hong Kong Record Holder of Men’s 110mH; LAM Wai, Hong Kong Record Holder of Men’s Hammer Throw; CHAN Ka-chun, Hong Kong Record Holder of Men’s 400m and 400mH; TANG Ho-fai, Hong Kong Junior Record of Men’s 10KM; YEUNG Man-wai, Hong Kong Record Holder of Women’s High Jump; HO Yin-chiu, Hong Kong Record Holder of Women’s Shot Put; TSE Mang-chi, Hong Kong Record Holder of Women’s Triple Jump; LUI Lai-yiu, 100m Hurdles Bronze Medalist of 15th Asian Junior Athletics Championships.

WAC will keep the momentum going and extending local athletic development to international levels.

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