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Actively promote local athletics development; encourage and support athletes to reach their full potential and pursue performance excellence.

We put emphasis on the all-round development of athletes in ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetic aspects, helping them to develop a positive attitude towards life through athletics training and competitions.

Total Number of Registered Athletes
Hong Kong Team Athletes And Coaches

屈臣氏田徑會慶祝三十周年,栽培過香港唔少田徑運動員,其中鄧漢昇同王珞僖(分別是2018賽馬會香港優秀教練選舉精英教練獎得主同第三屆青年奧運會男子110米跨欄銅牌得主),兩師徒之間嘅「傳承•跨越」到底係啲咩呢,我地一齊睇下啦!#WAC30 #傳承跨越 #田徑 #跨欄Project LOL 屈臣氏集團愛心計劃

屈臣氏田徑會 Watsons Athletic Club – WAC 發佈於 2019年5月14日星期二

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